Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Halloween

Yesterday, Hurricane Sandy hit New York City quite hard.
Luckily, I went up to my dads house for the weekend and my mom decided to go to Pennsylvania.
On Monday, school was cancelled for me and as crazy as this sounds, five feet of snow was expected in the part of Pennsylvania where my mom was staying with her friend!!!!!!! 
School was cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday so now I get to spend Halloween at my dads house! 
I have never been here for Halloween!
Tonight my step brother has a Halloween party before trick-or-treating and I invited a couple of my friends.
Finally my friends and I get to go trick-or-treating alone!
Because come on, what can possibly be better than FREE CANDY??????
I got my pillow case and my witch costume all ready for tonight....
Halloween is my favorite of holidays!!!
Wish me lots of candy!!
Happy Halloween!!!! :)


  1. Thanks for inviting me :)

  2. THANK YOU for being the first one to comment on this blog!!!!!
    Hope 2 c u soon!! LOL