Monday, September 17, 2012

This is halarious!!!

This is so funny and soooooooooo cute! The third cat is the best!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

So last week on Thursday was my first day of fifth grade and so far everything has gone my way!
Except one thing............................................................................................................................
Musical hula hoops in phys ed. It is so so so awkward! Grrrrr.....
Has anyone been watching the Voice?
PLEASE feel free to leave a comment about who your favorite judge or audition was.
If I don't know you I won't respond and if I do then tell me who you are and I will respond to you in email or I will leave a comment on your blog if you have one.
My favorite judge is Cee Lo but I also love Christina because she is an awesome singer.
I'm not quite sure what my favorite audition has been yet....
also their was this guy who auditioned that didn't get in but he seamed really familiar... His name was Chris Trousdale and he wasn't good at all but I'm pretty sure he was in this show I saw once called Shake It Up.
I think he played this guy called Justin Star??????
I'm not sure though. LOL
the Voice is on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm if anyone was wondering lol.
Oh Their is one more thing!
My really good friend Katherine has this amazing blog called Katherine's music blog which you can get to if you go to my profile then click blogs I follow. 
Thanx 4 reading!
-Talullah <3   

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So I added some new slide shows that I love of doctor who and the hunger games!
If you have never watched doctor who be sure to check it out!
All of the episodes are on netflix except for the new one on season 7.
Just watched the new episode last night!
It was awesome!
Can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes in season 7 when they are released on itunes!
If you are wondering what doctor who is, it is about an alien named "the doctor" (You never know his actual name) who travels through space and time stopping things like alien invasions.
About every 2 or 3 seasons, he chooses a new companion to travel with him in the tardis a time machine that can travel anywhere in the galaxy and it is disguised to look like a telephone booth.
If the doctor is killed, he regenerates and survives.
Sometimes, the actor who plays the doctor changes because whenever the doctor regenerates, (well almost every time) he gets a new look.
So that is what doctor who is about.
You should totally check it out!
Stay tuned for new posts!
-talullah <3

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hey readers of my blog!
Sorry I haven't posted anything new in about a week, I went to ocean city with my mom and had a very epic stay!
Plus it was my tenth birthday on September 1!!!!!!! yay :)
Anyway... I have this giant obsession with the books and movie of the hunger games so I thought I would do a post about how much I love it!
Last night I watched it for my fourth time and it was still amazing!

The Hunger Games Movie came out on DVD on August 18 and I love the movie!
The book is about infinity times better than the movie but the movie is still great!
You can watch the movie before you read the books or the other way around it will still be amazing!
If you are looking for an awesome friday night movie to watch then the hunger games is the perfect movie for you!
For people who are already big hunger games fans, BREAKING NEWS!!!!
The movie of the third book mockingjay will be split up into 2 parts.
how exciting is that?
I'm super excited about it and can't wait for catching fire to come out in theaters on november 22, 2013!
Also I would just like to tell you how many hunger games items I have!!
mockingjay pin, peeta t shirt, hunger games sweatshirt, 25 hunger games posters, the hunger games board game, the hunger games guide, 3 hunger games notebooks, 2 hunger games folders, a peeta bookmark, and obviously all three books! Now you know how big of a fan i am!

Please feel free to comment in the comment section below! Tell me what you like about the hunger games or what your favorite book is in the trilogy!
thanx so much 4 reading!!